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Kommende webinars

Introduktion til Invacare NordBed Plejesenge
Vi vil berøre følgende emner:
- Invacare NordBed – en serie af flere modeller
- Udvikling af NordBed
- ”ErgoMove” – innovativ indstilling af liggefladen
- ”Op og Ud” gør borgerne mere selvhjulpne
- NordBed Ultra –  En plejeseng særligt til demente
- Håndtering af NordBed

Webinaret afholdes på dansk ved vores produktchef Per Kreuz.
Dette webinar afholdes onsdag d. 2. december 2020 kl. 14:00 samt tirsdag d. 8. december 2020 kl. 14:00.

Tidligere afholdte webinars

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Vicair Product Training (Basics)
Explaining the technology and functionality of the Vicair O2 cushions, relating to practical cases in which they can be used.
We discuss making adjustments in an interactive setting.
- By Carlos Kramer, Head of Education & Michel Miltenburg, International Account Manager

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 03.06.2020.
Vicair Product Training (Advanced)
Become a Vicair Expert! You’ve got the basics covered, now it’s time to go deeper into detail of designs, materials and strengths. Followed by an interactive session about the different ways to use the Vicair O2 cushions. 

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 04.06.2020 kl. 13:00 - 15:00

Matrx® Seating and Infection Prevention and Control
The world has recently been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. All industries have been affected and have had to change the way people work and provide services. This presentation will focus on the chain of infection transmission and the ways to break that chain in relation to seating and mobility. Participants will be provided with information related to routine, contact, droplet, and airborne precautions. Additional precautions required during the pandemic will be compared with routine practices during nonpandemic times. Special attention will be paid to proper handwashing techniques and methods. Examples and case studies will include components of assessment and decision making related to the use of an appropriate level of protection and PPE.
Pathogens will be classified according to the required methods of infection control. Discussion about engineering controls related to the reservoirs of infection will touch on the latest available technologies related to seating and mobility products.
- By Anna Sokol, RN, MN, BScKin, Clinical Education Specialist

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 04.06.2020 samt d. 05/06/2020 kl.15:00 - 16:00
Vicair - Battle card discussion: how to handle a problem with the available cushion​ 
Get interactive as we look at all available cushion brands and models in your market. We draw random scenario’s from a pile of problems and discuss the solutions together. 
- By Carlos Kramer, Head of Education & Michel Miltenburg, International Account Manager

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 08.06.2020 kl. 12:00 - 14:00
Vicair - iShear: get to know the tool and the basics
In clinics worldwide, sliding has always been reported as a major problem in wheelchair seating. Sliding is a huge clinical problem but difficult to quantify. Until now! Introducing iShear: the ultimate device that measures Total Shear Force* (tendency to slide), helping you evaluate and improve the position of a person in a seating system.
- By Carlos Kramer, Head of Education & Michel Miltenburg, International Account Manager

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 09.06.2020 kl. 13:00 - 15:00
Small Clients, Big Decisions – Approaches in Pediatric Seating
The last 30 years have brought amazing variations to the seating & mobility market, especially for children. This course examines the hierarchy of seating interventions for pediatric consumers, their applications and benefits. How do we think about seating & mobility for younger user and what should we really focus on? 
- By Stephanie Tanguay, Occuptational Therapist

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 22.06.2020 samt d. 29/06/2020 kl.15:00 - 16:00
Facing Forward – What’s Up with Head and Neck Supports
Many consumers who utilize wheeled mobility require a head support as part of their seating system. A headrest may be utilized as a support for periods of rest or in alternative positions such as tilted or reclined. It can also be an integral part of a power wheelchair with aspects of the drive controls embedded in or attached to the head support. This course will review the geometry of the human skull and its’ range of movement and the influence of seated posture on head orientation. The impact of these factors on head support will be presented along with an overview of various production.
- By Stephanie Tanguay, Occuptational Therapist

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 23.06.2020 samt d. 30/06/2020 kl.15:00 - 16:00
Immerse Yourself – The Science of Skin Protection
If we had a basic ‘Seating 101’ course, this would be it! Common seated postures will be presented, and the principles of accommodation or reduction of orthopedic changes will be presented. Considerations for the selection of seat cushions and back supports with a goal of maximizing consumer function will be reviewed. This is a good course for the seating novice and a nice review for the intermediate in the field. 
- By Stephanie Tanguay, Occuptational Therapist

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 25/06/2020 kl.15:00 - 16:00

Beyond the Seat – Optimizing Postural Supports for Function
This course goes – a step beyond seat surface selection, focusing on aspects of posture, support, pressure and ultimately function in the equipment selection process. Many of these factors are interrelated, often influencing each other. Seated posture beyond the seat and review the role of proper back support in cushion performance, consumer posture and function.
- By Stephanie Tanguay, Occuptational Therapist

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 26/06/2020 kl.15:00 - 16:00
Pivotal Points of Seating and Repositioning
Shear is the one force that we don’t want to be with anyone! Technologies have evolved to reduce the amount of shear or displacement of the back-support surface against the consumer during recline. However, there are many additional factors which can increase the amount of shear a consumer experiences with recline. This session will review the mechanics of recline systems, shear reduction and the extrinsic factors which alter their function.
- By Stephanie Tanguay, Occuptational Therapist

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 02.07.20 kl.15:00 - 16:00
Seating the bariatric client
The focus of this course is to examine the measurement and accommodation of excessive tissue as it relates to the prescription of seat and back support surfaces and mobility devices for the bariatric client. Learn a few tips on how to configure a mobility system for larger consumers.
- By Stephanie Tanguay, Occuptational Therapist

Dette webinar blev afholdt d. 03.07.20 kl.15:00 - 16:00
When Lymphedema Impedes Seating and Mobility
Lymphedema is much more than “excessive swelling of the lower extremities”. This diagnosis presents significant challenges for all aspects of mobility and activities of daily living. With regard to assistive mobility devices, proper measurement of and accommodation of edematous tissue is a necessity. Case studies will be presented to illustrate potential risks and complications of providing inadequate support & inappropriate mobility devices. Evaluation and measurement techniques will be discussed, and some positioning & mobility solutions will also be presented.
- By Stephanie Tanguay, Occuptational Therapist

Dette webinar blev afholdt d.  03.07.20 kl.15:00 - 16:00